A biography of carlos santana a musician

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Carlos Santana

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Carlos Santana Biography

Carlos Santana is a guitarist, composer, singer and band-leader who helped to shape the concept of "world music" by his experiments with blending many styles of music from a multitude of ethnic sources. Carlos Santana, (born July 20,Autlán de Navarro, Mexico), Mexican-born American musician whose popular music combined rock, jazz, blues, and Afro-Cuban rhythms with a Latin sound.

Santana began playing the violin at age five; by age eight, however, he had switched to the guitar. Carlos Santana Biography Carlos Santana is a world-famous Mexican-American musician. This biography offers detailed information about his childhood, life and timeline.

Carlos Santana is a Mexican-born musician. Mostly, he is famous as the guitarist of his self-titled band, Santana. Ten times Grammy award winner is also a songwriter and percussionist. Santana is a Latin music and rock band formed in San Francisco, California in by Mexican-American guitarist Carlos Santana.

The band came to public attention with their performance of " Soul Sacrifice " at Woodstock in InCarlos undertook his first musical score, writing music for the Ritchie Valens film biography La Bamba.

He then made another Santana band album, Freedom (), and followed it in October with a solo album, Blues for Salvador.

A biography of carlos santana a musician
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