Areolar connective tissue

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Mammal Areolar Tissue Slide, Spread, Verhoeff's Stain

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Areolar Connective Tissue

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Areolar tissue is a common type of connective tissue, also referred to as “loose connective tissue”. It is strong enough to bind different tissue types together, yet soft enough to provide flexibility and cushioning.

Quiz: Connective Tissue

It exhibits interlacing, loosely organized fibers, abundant blood vessels, and significant empty space. Look for adipose tissue in Slide #30 which is taken from abdominal mesentery (the connective tissue that suspends the viscera within the abdominal cavity). Some of the individual fat cells are often broken during tissue preparation, but the overall impression of what the tissue looks like is the important point.

Loose connective (areolar) tissue. Origin: mesenchyme. Location: filling between apposed body parts, beneath the epithelia, external wrapping for vessels, nerves, muscles and fasciae. ground substance.

areolar tissue

Function: permission of diffusion of oxygen and nutrients between the microvasculature and adjacent tissue. Location: between. Connective tissue is a mesenchyme that fastens together other more highly organized tissues. The solidity of various connective tissues varies according to the consistency of their extracellular matrix, which in turn depends on the water content of the gels, the amount and type of polysaccharides.

1. Areolar tissue is mainly connective.

Connective Tissue Basics

2. It usually fixes skin with the muscles. 3. It forms packaging the material in all organs between the muscles. 4. It has two types of fibres white and yellow. 1. It is mainly concerned with the storage of fat.

2. The cells are spherical or oval and are. The areolar tissue is a loose connective tissue that can be seen between the skin and muscles; in the bone marrow as well as around the blood vessels and nerves.

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This tissue fills the spaces between the different organs and connects the skin to the underlying muscles.

Areolar connective tissue
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