Fabriano watercolor paper

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Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper 56x76cm

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Fabriano Watercolor Paper

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Jul 13,  · We have progress in matters related to Fabriano Paper! This will come as good news to all the botanical artists around the world who favour their watercolour paper as being the absolute best for their very precise and highly controlled botanical paintings in watercolour or coloured pencils.

Fabriano Paper The port of Fabriano is a traditional Italian centre of papermaking, an industry thought to have been introduced by Arab traders, and the brand has its roots in the earlyth-century merger of the many artisan workshops of the town.

Online shopping for Watercolour Paper from a great selection at Office Products Store. Traditional warm white paper. They are mould-made of % cotton and are acid free/pH neutral. Sheets have two natural deckled edges and two cut edges.

Fabriano Watercolor Paper Fabriano Artistico Extra-White Sheets - Features the latest innovations in sizing, and a unique bright white color that is the purest.

This 9 by 12 inch Artistico watercolor block by Fabriano includes 20 sheets of extra-white lb hot press paper that is mould-made of % cotton.

Fabriano watercolor paper
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