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View our fantastic range of Holographic wallpaper for wallaat great prices, price match guarantee, fast worldwide delivery and samples available.

It's called holographic paper. Also called holographic giftwrap foil. Also called hologram paper/foil. Get some coffee before reading on. It's rather involved even if you want a manufacturing overview. The basic manufacturing technique is a metall.

Papilio's metallic and holographic films allows you to print directly onto metallic sheets to make stunning invitations, newsletters, certificates and more!

Holographic Paper

In " x 11" sheets, this material is approximately 3 mil thick and self-adhesive. Holographic labels can provide both aesthetic looks and security in a single label. With fast growing threat to duplicacy of pharma products Paper hologram label helps in fight for counterfeit products.

Hologram Stickers can make your products stand out with a striking three-dimensional hologram. Having a metallic vinyl like Silver Vinyl Stickers, vibrant, and gleaming surface quite unlike other stickers, these can add style to your products and are ideal for labelling high quality good.

High Security Checks with Hologram At EZ Checks, our custom designed High Security checks contain 21 security features including a foil hologram. We created an exceptionally secure document by combining in-paper elements layered with on-paper features.

Hologram paper
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