Kamikaze pilots

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The last kamikaze: two Japanese pilots tell how they cheated death

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Kamikaze pilots - Japan's last weapon. Kamikaze, which means "Divine Wind" in Japanese, was Japan's last attempt to balance the ever increasing technological and. On this day induring the Battle of the Leyte Gulf, the Japanese deploy kamikaze (“divine wind”) suicide bombers against American warships for the first time.

Rupert Wingfield-Hayes meets the former pilot who built the collection, in honour of his fallen comrades. "Kamikaze" - it is a word that has become synonymous with all that is.

Jan 14,  · This is not my video, I just reposted it because the original video was deleted. Off-site search results for "Kamikaze" Kamikaze Attack, Kamikaze Attack Seven hundred years later, as the American war machine moved slowly but inexorably across the Pacific towards their home islands, the Japanese again called upon the kamikaze for salvation.

First kamikaze attack of the war begins

Pat A. asks: Were Kamikaze pilots all just volunteers or how exactly did they get selected? During WWII, thousands of Japanese pilots made the ultimate sacrifice for their country by becoming, essentially, flying suicide bombers. But what was it that made these men so willing to lay down their lives.

Remembering Japan's kamikaze pilots Kamikaze pilots
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